Apink’s Eunji Shared Her Unexpected Motivation For Starting Exercise And Losing 15kg

She wasn’t motivated by beauty standards.

Apink‘s Eunji was known for her friendly, girl-next-door image during debut. Her chubby cheeks were one of her most charming points! However, as time went by, she began to regularly go to the gym, resulting in a 15kg weight loss in total.

Eunji shed the pounds, going from 62kg to 47kg over the years. She lost weight healthily through consistent exercise and eating a balanced diet. This was a far cry from Apink’s debut days where they were known to only eat salads.

A fan asked Eunji what motivated her to become active in taking care of her health. The answer was simple!

  • Fan: “I want to exercise hard like unnie.”
  • Eunji: “Get off your butt first.”
  • Fan: “How did you begin to exercise? And how did you lose weight?”
  • Eunji: “I started because of a herniated disk. It was so painful that I couldn’t even walk.”

Eunji started working out her body to try to help rehabilitate her herniated disk. Eventually, she fell into exercising and consistently works out to improve her strength.

Unlike most idols who may choose to shed the pounds to look good on camera, Eunji was motivated by her failing health. Kudos to her for her dedication to her health!