Apink’s Eunji Lodges Official Complaint Against Alleged Stalker

She has filed a complaint against them.

Apink‘s Jung Eunji has filed an official complaint against her alleged stalker.


In July 2021, Eunji spoke up about a stalker that invaded her privacy, going as far as to post photos of her home online.

In a statement, her agency Play M Entertainment has announced that they have lodged a complaint against her alleged stalker. Stating that the stalker has been harassing her for more than a year, they also revealed that they had asked them to stop multiple times before.

 Via the law firm Wooree, we filed a complaint against the alleged stalker to accuse him of violating the laws concerning minor offenses, among others. Although we asked him multiple times to stay away from our artist, he did not stop stalking her and even came to her home (without permission).

Given the fact that he has been inflicting severe damage on our star, we decided to take stringent legal action.

—Play M Entertainment

Play M Entertainment also stated that they are looking into malicious commenters as well.

Some of them have already been prosecuted. We will continue striving to protect the rights of our artists.

—Play M Entertainment

Source: The Korea Times