Former Apink Member Hong Yukyung To Make Her Debut As A Fashion Designer

Congratulations, Yukyung!

Former Apink member Hong Yukyung will soon be making her debut as a fashion designer. On January 7, 2021, through her personal Instagram, the star revealed that she had actually been attending a fashion school in Seoul for the past two years. A recent graduate, she won the school’s grand award for design with her graduation piece.

| Chosun Ilbo

She was even featured in Chosun Ilbo for her achievements. Along with a screen capture of the article, Yukyung posted the caption, “it’s a real honor to have received such a huge award recently, and be featured on the main page of the Chosun Ilbo papers today.” 

To tell you the truth, I’ve actually been attending a fashion school called ESmode while struggling. I prepared for my graduation work all throughout last year, and thankfully, I was able to receive the daesang. I want to say I’m grateful for those around me that have been cheering me on and helping me, as well as to those that have been waiting for me. I will become a Hong Yukyung that always works to her best. I will make the effort to start 2021 off with strength and show you guys a good side of me. Thank you.

— Hong Yukyung

Congratulations to the former idol on her new accomplishments and endeavors!