Apink and INFINITE’s Sunggyu Announce Plans For Coronavirus Prevention At Their Concerts

From disinfectants to face masks, they’ll be ready.

As the COVID-19 coronavirus from Wuhan, China continues to spread all over the world, K-Pop agencies are trying their best to take preventative measures to protect their artists and fans from potential contagion.

Source: Joong Ang Ilbo

Apink, whose concert is right around the corner on February 1-2, 2020, will battle off the possible coronavirus infection by providing hand sanitizers and face masks for all attendees. Play M Entertainment commented, “The venue will be disinfected at large before and after the performance.”

We’re going to take all possible preventative measures for the concert. The venue will be disinfected at large before and after the performance. There will be hand sanitizers available for use at the venue. All attendees will be provided with face masks as well. We will have medical professionals on standby at the venue.

— Play M Entertainment

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu, whose solo concert is scheduled for Febuary 7-9, 2020, will also implement precautionary steps to make sure his concert is coronavirus-safe.

A Woollim Entertainment associate pointed out that the agency will be benchmarking the case of TVXQ‘s 2015 concert, when the group successfully held the event despite the MERS epidemic. Though Woollim disclosed no specifics, the 2015 TVXQ concert’s preventative measures included these disinfecting gates at the venue entrance.

Disinfecting gates installed at TVXQ’s 2015 concert

On the other hand, some artists have opted to cancel activities all together in response to the risks posed. All in all, K-Pop fans remain supportive of all decisions made by the idols and their agencies to make sure that everything will be safe for the stars and the attendees alike.

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Source: VIVA100 and THEQOO