Apink’s Jung Eunji Hilariously Responds To “Jung Eunji Incident” Trending On Twitter

She reassured fans to stay calm and stan Apink.

Jung Eunji responded to “Jung Eunji Incident” trending on Twitter.

Jung Eunji | theqoo

Jung Eunji uploaded a screenshot of “Jung Eunji Incident” trending on Twitter to her Instagram story.

Still? ‘Jung Eunji Incident’ is trending on Twitter.

— Jung Eunji

The idol then hilariously reassured fans that she hadn’t done anything even remotely controversial that may cause the keywords to be trending. Jung Eunji also took the opportunity to plug Apink’s upcoming comeback.

Everyone, I have been living diligently and honestly while preparing for Apink’s comeback single ‘DnD,’ which will be released on April 5. Apink comeback, wow.

— Jung Eunji

Previously, fans were alarmed to see that “Jung Eunji Incident” was trending on Twitter. Fortunately, the keywords were trending, not because of an incident involving the idol, but because her cover for Younha‘s “Event Horizon” went viral.

“Jung Eunji Incident” trending on Twitter | Twitter

In Korean, the word for “event” can also describe an “incident,” which contributed to the confusion.

Fans Are Alarmed After “Jung Eunji Incident” Trends On Twitter

Meanwhile, Jung Eunji recently released her cover for Younha’s hit song, “Event Horizon.” Check out Jung Eunji’s incredible vocals in the link below!

Source: wikitree
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