Everyone Is Feeling Extra Soft After Apink’s Naeun Gifted Eunji With A Brand New Friendship Bracelet

The 2Eun feels!

Having one of the strongest bonds, it’s no surprise that Apink constantly make everyone feel soft with their sweet friendship. Recently, however, one gift from Naeun to Eunji in particular has been hitting everyone right in the feels.

Back in May, Eunji posted a few pictures ahead of a performance.  She added a picture of the bracelet Naeun had made her, sharing she’d be wearing it on stage.

Performing on stage with the bracelet Naeun gave me. Can you see it??

— Eunji

Her post immediately warmed the hearts of Pink Pandas, but the 2Eun sweetness didn’t stop there. That same bracelet made a number of more appearances! Fans spotting Eunji wearing it in several of her posts!

However, the accessory has recently been missing, and Eunji revealed why through a livestream. It turns out her bracelet had been broken. Luckily, when Naeun found out, she told Eunji she’d make her a new one!

A couple of days after the broadcast, and 2Eun were hitting everyone right in the feels again! Eunji presented the brand new original piece by Naeun on her Instagram stories with the caption, “Thanks“.

She also showed it off on her radio program too!

Seeing the bracelet, Pink Pandas are once again feeling the effects of 2Eun! They’re feeling extra soft knowing Naeun is always ready to make bracelets for her members.

Just Apink being the softest group around once again!