Apink’s Play M Entertainment And THE BOYZ’s Cre.Ker Entertainment Announce Merger

Apink, Weeekly, and THE BOYZ are all under one agency now.

Apink‘s agency Play M Entertainment and THE BOYZ‘s agency Cre.Ker Entertainment have announced they will be merging into one label.

According to a press release shared by Kakao Entertainment, the two agencies will be merging into one. Both Play M Entertainment and Cre.Ker Entertainment are subsidiaries under Kakao Entertainment.

The decision was made after directors from both companies separately agreed on the merger, which will take play before the end of the year. Play M Entertainment’s CEO Jang Hyun Jin and Cre.Ker Entertainment’s CEO Yoon Young Ro will lead the newly merged company together. The new agency’s name and other details will be revealed at a later date.

We will work closely with both companies to help create a strong synergy and expand their influence across a variety of industries. We will also help reinforce the strengths of each label. We will continue to make similar advancements in our multi-label system to strength our competitiveness in this industry.

— Kakao Entertainment

Source: Newsen