Apink’s Son Naeun To Leave PlayM And Is Reportedly In Talks With YG Entertainment, Other Members Renew Contract

Wishing the best for all the girls!

PlayM has announced that  in tandem with their 10th anniversary, Apink’s contracts are up for renewal again. However, while the remaining 5 members have decided to recontract with Play M, Son Naeun has decided to leave the company.

A representative from the company revealed, “Recently, the 5 members of Apink, Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung have decided to renew their contracts. We will be supporting them actively and without holding back, such that they can actively promote. After deep discussions between the company, the other members and Son Naeun, Son Naeun will not be renewing her contract in order for her to chase her new dreams. We respect her decision and sincerely cheer her on as she goes forth on her new path.

PlayM further shared that the team will remain as a 6 member group despite this. As all members have a deep affection for the group, Play M will work out sustainable and reasonable terms in order to allow Son Naeun to join Apink for future promotions.

According to Ilgan Sports, it was reported that after investigations, it was found that Son Naeun had been a free agent after leaving PlayM. Allegedly, she has been in talks with YG Entertainment consistently since the beginning of April. YG Entertainment has not given a statement on this yet.

All the best to the girls in their future endeavours!

Source: Star Today and Ilgan Sports


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