Apink’s Social Media Accounts Uploads Member Profile Photos For Everyone — Except Son Naeun

We miss you Naeun!

Apink recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, proving their status as one of South Korea’s top girl groups. To celebrate, their label Play M Entertainment shared gorgeous updated profile photos of the members, but it didn’t take long for netizens to realize that something, or someone was missing.

Apink | Play M Entertainment

Play M Entertainment uploaded stunning photos of the girls onto their official social media account, showing off their mature visuals for the group’s impressive 10 years together. The group’s leader Chorong,

Apink’s Chorong | @Official.Apink2011/Facebook

maknae Hayoung,

Apink’s Hayoung | @Official.Apink2011/Facebook

lead dancer Namjoo,

Apink’s Namjoo | @Official.Apink2011/Facebook

main vocalist Eunji,

Apink’s Eunji | @Official.Apink2011/Facebook

and main dancer Bomi all participated in the 10-year profile photo session, but there was one member noticeably missing from the event.

Apink’s Bomi | @Official.Apink2011/Facebook

Son Naeun previously made headlines after it was announced that she would be leaving Play M Entertainment to join YG Entertainment to promote as an actress. And while both agencies stated that she would still be a part of Apink despite her label move, Son Naeun has not been in any of the group’s activities for the past few months.

A month ago, the girl group celebrated their 10-year anniversary and Bomi’s birthday together as 5 members and once again, Son Naeun was nowhere to be seen.

Apink celebrating their 10 year anniversary | @official.apink2011/Instagram

And while PlayM Entertainment has repeatedly assured Apink fans that Son Naeun is still a part of the girl group, fans can’t help but wonder what the meaning of these newly released profile photos could mean.

Son Naeun’s profile picture for YG Entertainment.

In related news, Son Naeun has been busy with her actress promotions ever since her move to YG Entertainment. She will be appearing in the upcoming series Lost alongside Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol, which will be premiering this week. Her casting was also confirmed in another upcoming 2021 series titled Ghost Doctor, which will be airing sometime in the latter half of 2021.

Son Naeun in upcoming JTBC drama “Lost” | JTBC

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