Apink Son Naeun Goes Viral, Claims Her Title As “Queen Of Leggings” Once Again

There’s a reason they call her “queen of leggings”.

Apink’s Son Naeun is known as the “Queen of Leggings” as she has previously sold out a pair of leggings by simply wearing them in a practice video!


Ever since then, Son Naeun has continued to become a big issue whenever she showed up wearing leggings.

Apink Son Naeun Once Again Captures Netizens’ Attention With Her Sexy Leggings


And Apink’s most recent practice video was no exception. This time, Son Naeun appeared in the video with a cropped, bootcut training pants with a matching cropped top and showed off her perfect body line.


With a tiny waist, perfectly toned muscles and basically a flawless figure, it’s no wonder she looks so amazing in leggings!


Netizens are all in agreement that Son Naeun has the body to make any type of clothing look beautiful.

  • “Son Naeun is truly gifted with the perfect body”
  • “I see why the training pants sold out”
  • “The video is going viral on Facebook and everyone’s saying her dance and body are so beautiful that it makes the clothes look pretty. Her nickname is no coincidence”
  • “Barbie Doll body, the best among slender types”
  • “The fit is beautiful”


Check out the full video below:

Source: MBC Sports Plus


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