Apink Son Naeun Once Again Captures Netizens’ Attention With Her Sexy Leggings

This Queen of Leggings isn’t giving up her throne any time soon.

Whenever Son Naeun puts on a pair of leggings, people can’t resist talking about it because, well, just look at her!


When it comes to fashion and flexibility, leggings are Naeun’s top choice for dance practices.


During this “I’m So Sick” rehearsal, Naeun stole the show with her gray, white-striped bottoms.


These leggings contour Naeun’s curves…


…and show off her long, athletic legs.


Her video caught the attention of netizens once again for her stunning beauty in simple leggings!



Naeun looks like a goddess in leggings, even when she’s just walking!


Her leggings are, in a word, “legendary”. They look fantastic on Naeun and her fans never get tired of seeing them. Naeun has worn leggings to the airport…


…and while pitching at a baseball game. Every single instance becoming a hot topic among netizens and fans, earning her the title as “Queen Of Leggings“!


No one can deny, Son Naeun shines brighter than ever in her signature leggings!


You can check out the entire “I’m So Sick” dance practice here.

Source: Nate Pann