Apink’s Stylist Criticized For Dressing The Members In “Tacky” Outfits For Their Comeback Teaser Photo

“Wow, this really sucks…”

If you haven’t heard by now, veteran girl group Apink is just weeks away from making their highly anticipated comeback. With their February date just around the corner, the girl group’s agency has been busy promoting Apink’s special album, but their most recent photo release has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Apink | IST Entertainment (formerly Play M Entertainment)

Apink’s official Twitter account dropped an exciting new comeback photo with all 6 members of the girl group. Adorned in different pink dresses and gowns, the Apink ladies showed off their stunning visuals in the simple photograph.

And while everyone agreed that their visuals were absolutely perfect, it was their hot pink outfits that became the center of criticisms. Netizens began commenting on what they believed were mismatched dresses, uncoordinated pink color scheme, and the weird background with strange lighting.

Apink’s upcoming “HORN” comeback photo | IST Entertainment

Korean netizens quickly began to criticize Apink’s agency, as well as the girl group’s stylist for dressing the gorgeous gals in unflattering and “tacky” outfits, once again.

| theqoo
  • “It’s really tacky. Son Na Eun is really pretty though.”
  • ‘The photo itself is awful and the clothes are terrible.’ <<<<< I don’t know if it’s that bad, but it just seems like each member took the photos separately they were all photoshopped in together.”
  • “Wow, this really sucks…they are all wearing pink, but there’s no cohesion.”
  • “It doesn’t fit their concept..”
  • “It’s just bland.”
  • “I think if they at least changed the background, it could be better. The background is really dull.”
  • “The members are pretty, but the picture is tacky and it’s kind of bad. The pink clothes are also…”
| Mnet

Apink previously released mysterious individual teaser photos for their upcoming HORN comeback, which received a much more positive response. The cut-off photos of each member in addition to the elegant jewelry made fans wonder what the concept of the comeback will be.

Apink’s individual “HORN” teaser photos | IST Entertainment

Apink is slated to make their long awaited comeback on February 14, 2022, so be on the lookout for that as they remain one of the few remaining girl groups from the 2.5 generation.

Source: theqoo