Apink’s Bomi Reveals Her Completely Bare Face In Close-Up Beauty Tutorial

Bomi isn’t scared of the camera, and her fans love that about her.

Apink‘s Bomi is an aspiring YouTube star with her own channel, where she tries all kinds of fun stuff, and has 200K followers who absolutely love this off-stage, up close and personal Bomi.

Bomi launched her BBOM BBOM BBOM channel to interact with her fans while she’s not promoting and have some fun on her own time!


In a recent video, Bomi decided to become a beauty guru after reading comments that ask her about her make-up routine.

“I actually read a lot of the comments I get on my videos. I realized many of you are asking about my daily make-up routine, so I decided to show you today! I’m worried because it’s not often that I do my own make-up…” — Bomi


She appeared in front of the camera, completely barefaced. She explained that her basic skin care products (like lotion) had been applied.

“I went to the skin care clinic today, so I have a bit of scarring left from the laser treatment…” — Bomi


Viewers were in utter shock by the fact that Bomi doesn’t look all that different without any make-up and that she is beautiful and confident regardless of what she is or isn’t wearing.


Then, after applying a series of different products, Bomi revealed her favorite pink-toned daily make-up look and wowed the viewers! While she worried about messing up throughout the video, she looked beautiful in the end.

“I actually wear a lot of make-up on stage, so when I’m not performing I try not to wear any. I got better at this only after I started this channel.” — Bomi

“I don’t even know if I’m doing this right. Guys, is this how I do this?” — Bomi


Fans are falling in love with Bomi all over again, after this video that shows, even after all these years, she is still just a bright young girl with a lot of giggles and fun.

  • “Your bare face is gorgeous too!”

  • “Bomi being cute and funny like always. and pretty sexy too!”

  • “Bomi has been bright and beautiful since debut. She hasn’t changed. I love her!”

  • “Bomi, please don’t do anything to your face. You’re gorgeous already!”

  • “I think she’s one of the most loved / least hated girl group members in K-Pop.”


Watch her look amazing both before and after the make-up routine!

Source: Dispatch