“Apologize To Seungri” Hashtag Trends Worldwide At #1 As Fans Claim He’s Innocent

Fans provided alleged proof.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri had recently been caught up in charges of soliciting prostitution, embezzlement, being a part of Jung Joon Young’s sexcam chatroom, and more. But fans began trending “#ApologizeToSeungri” on Twitter after KBS released all of Jung Joon Young’s illegal sex cam messages to his friends and various chatrooms.


Among the list, Seungri was listed once when Jung Joon Young shared illegally taken graphics into a chatroom where Seungri, his business partners, and he were included.


Fans also pointed out how Seungri responded with rage when an illegal sex cam was uploaded into the chatroom.

Seungri: “XX What idiot f*cking uploaded a video taken at a room salon XX This XX”

C: “We all don’t upload it because we know we shouldn’t…”


Other fans referred to an article released back in March of this year where SBS funE admitted to editing Yong Junhyung (former member of HIGHLIGHT) into a group chat when Jung Joon Young had actually sent him an illegal sexcam through a 1:1 chat.

They claim the media probably also lied about Seungri’s involvement.


Seungri’s fans rose up enmasse as they demanded that reporters and the media all apologize to Seungri. They claim he is innocent and was framed.


On the other hand, other netizens are claiming he still committed crimes and that just because he wasn’t in the chatroom doesn’t mean he is innocent of everything else.

There were previous reports that claimed Seungri had solicited prostitutes, embezzled money, and bribing policemen.


Neither the police nor Seungri have spoken up about the recent claims made by the fans. Jung Joon Young, Choi Jonghoon, and more involved in the sexcam chatrooms have been found guilty and sentenced to multiple years in prison. Seungri has most recently been investigated by the police for gambling accusations, but he was sent home without further actions as of now.

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