Seungri Released From The Police Station After 12 Hours Of Investigation

He made a statement before he went back home.

Seungri was finally released from the police station after being investigated for 12 hours about his habitual gambling allegations. He was seen in public for the first time in 3 months since his investigations about the Burning Sun scandal.


He reportedly admitted to illegally gambling abroad but denied any accusations of having unregistered foreign transactions that are used to circumvent detection by banks. Seungri currently carries 9 charges against him, including prostitution, mediating prostitution, embezzlement, and destruction of evidence, dating back to June in relation to his ties with the Burning Sun scandal.


As he made his way out of the police station, he made a statement to the public where he claimed to have spoken the truth in his investigations and plans to do so in the future as well. He also apologized once again for causing a disturbance to the public.

I told them the truth regarding all of the accusations. I plan on fully cooperating with any future investigations that may occur. I once again apologize for causing controversy.

— Seungri


When asked about his recent charges, he once again claimed, “I told the entire truth. I’m sorry.” He remained silent when the reporters asked if he met with Yang Hyun Suk recently.


Yang Hyun Suk was also accused of soliciting prostitution and gambling illegally. He is scheduled to appear at the police station tomorrow for his own investigation.

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