Former APRIL’s Lee Naeun Officially Signs Exclusive Contract With Namoo Actors — Here’s Her Plans For The Future

Will we see her on-screen soon?

Former APRIL‘s Lee Naeun was recently rumored in April 2022 to be making a comeback to the industry. Industry representatives hinted that she might be turning to acting after it was rumored that she had met with Namoo Actors, a famous agency for actors. Back then, Namoo Actors confirmed that they had met with her but nothing was set in stone.

It is true that we have met with Lee Naeun. But nothing has been decided yet with regards to her joining the company.

— Namoo Actors

On June 2, 2022, they released an official statement to media outlet Herald Pop that Lee Naeun had signed an exclusive management contract with them.

It’s true that Lee Naeun has signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors.

— Namoo Actors

The CEO of Namoo Actors had even been recently found to have been following Lee Naeun on Instagram, sparking the initial rumors. She will be making her transition into a full-fledged actress and stepping away from her idol roots. Naeun’s contract with DSP Media was terminated when APRIL disbanded in January 2022. Namoo Actors is home to many talented young faces including Roh Jeong EuiSong KangLee Joon Ki, and Girls Generation‘s Seohyun.

Congratulations to both Naeun and Namoo Actors!

Source: Top Star News