Dongsuh Foods Stops APRIL Naeun’s Post Corn Flight Bar Advertisements Due To Bullying Scandal

They have stopped all ads.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

Group APRIL member Naeun’s advertisement for Dongsuh Foods Post Corn Flight bar has been stopped.

According to Sports Kyunghyang, Naeun’s advertisement has been temporarily suspended and is currently in discussion on whether to continue using Naeun as their model.

Previously, a netizen claiming to be member Hyunjoo’s younger brother revealed that she suffered a lot of bullying within the group and because of that, had a hard time with panic disorder and shortness of breath. They also added that she also tried to commit suicide and revealed the medical report as evidence. They claimed that even though Hyunjoo revealed she was in pain from the bullying, the agency continued with the group’s schedule.

In regards to these claims, DSP Media stated that these claims were groundless and that they would be taking strong action towards these false accusations.

Nevertheless, the public’s anger over the claims made on APRIL has continued to grow, with Naeun, the most active member, having numerous rumors being posted online.

Advertisement companies who are currently working with Naeun are starting to feel pressure due to these controversies and are taking measures to delete or change the advertisement videos to private.

Source: sports kyunghyang