APRIL’s Naeun Thanks Peripera After Her Model Contract Ends …. Peripera Welcomes (G)I-DLE’s Soojin As Their New Muse


APRIL Naeun‘s tenure as cosmetic brand Peripera‘s model has finally come to an end. The two years with the brand saw popularity skyrocket as her fresh-faced looks suited the teen brand perfectly.

On February 18, 2021, Naeun uploaded a photo of the various notes of gratitude she received from Peripera’s staff. The brand itself also uploaded a story to thank Naeun for “being their muse throughout 2 years“, and for her “always bright energy and warm heart.

| Peripera

The brand also acknowledged that “Peripera existed because of Naeun and we are thankful. It has been an extremely happy and enjoyable time with Naeun.” They wished her all the best in the future.

| @peripera_official/Instagram

Fans were stunned to see that although no news had been released online, posters in stores suddenly revealed (G)I-DLE’s Soojin as their new face. She was seen posing with their signature ink velvet line.

| @summeror/Twitter

Fans were thrilled as her bubbly image would suit the brand as well. Soojin can pull off various looks, from sultry…

| @summeror/Twitter

… to sweet and innocent.

| @summeror/Twitter

Although this is not her first CF as part of (G)I-DLE, it is certainly her first challenge as a cosmetics model outside of the group. We wish her all the best!