APRIL Naeun’s Sister Denies School Violence Accusations And Sues Malicious Commenters

Naeun’s sister will not take this lightly.

APRIL Naeun’s sister, who was recently caught up in a school violence controversy after posting Naeun’s diary entry, denied the school violence accusations. 

On June 16, Naeun’s sister told Sports Kyunghyang, “I spent the past few days trying to find the netizen who claimed to be the victim of bullying but I couldn’t find it because the post and account was deleted immediately.”

She continued, “The damage is serious as the malicious commenters have been going to not only myself but to my acquaintances and leaving malicious comments and sending obscene photos.”

She revealed that after going through this situation, she could understand just how hard it must have been for her sister Naeun.

I happened to come across Naeun’s diary and thought, ‘My sister must’ve gone through a hard time then too’ and decided to post the photo without her permission. After posting the photo, I was suddenly engulfed in school violence rumors, which made me understand just how hard it must have been for my sister. With just one irresponsible post, even an ordinary person like me, has had my personal information spread and has been accused of school violence. I have also caused damage to my younger sister. My heart hurts to see Naeun and my parents. That’s the most difficult part of this.

— Naeun’s sister

She also responded to the accusations revealing that none of it was true and that it was most likely made up with malicious intent.

During high school, I did not wear any makeup and did not borrow anyone’s gym clothes. I also did not have any friend with the last name Song. The content of the comments seems to have made up with malicious intent. I still have not received any messages from that person and because I have never gone through anything like this, I cannot even grasp as to who it might be.

— Naeun’s sister

She also stated that her social media account comments were currently open due to misinterpreted news articles about her closing comments.

My YouTube and Instagram comments have been closed in the past to prevent malicious commenters. But after releasing the diary posts, I received so many malicious comments that I closed my social media accounts. But news articles made it seem like I had closed comments because I admitted to the accusations so currently I have my comments open.

— Naeun’s sister

She also revealed that she has begun suing the malicious commenters and that she would not take this lightly.

When I see comments like ‘Die’ and ‘Why are you living’, I wonder, ‘How can a person be like that’. I have sued five malicious commenters yesterday and will sue those that have left comments to my parents and acquaintances next. There will be no leniency with this.

— Naeun’s sister

Previously, Naeun’s sister, against the ongoing bullying allegation, between former member Lee Hyunjoo and APRIL, posted photos from Naeun’s diary on her personal Instagram account to try and defend Naeun from the criticism.

Source: sports khan
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