Korean Netizens Find A Puzzling Message From One Of The Diary Entries Shared By APRIL Naeun’s Older Sister

Some even believe it could be proof of the alleged bullying.

In an effort to defend her younger sister from the ongoing bullying allegations, APRIL Naeun‘s older sister Lee Ji Eun shared an emotional Instagram post, claiming that “Naeun is nothing but a kindhearted girl.”

APRIL’s Naeun

While the older sister uploaded Naeun’s 2016 diary entries to convince the internet to “please stop accusing her” of having bullied former member Lee Hyunjoo

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… the pictures ended up piquing the interest of the online world in an entirely different way. Some eagle-eyed Korean netizens noticed that one of the diary entries show disturbing text from the opposite page, which they are now claiming to be alleged “proof” of bullying.

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In the picture of the March 12, 2016 entry, the text bleeding through from the other side of the page is somewhat visible. After editing the picture to make the text legible, netizens have deciphered the message.

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(Top row mostly illegible) a person I hate. I’m disgusted just by staying in the same space with [unknown person]. I seriously hope [the person] disappears from my sight.

— Text from Naeun’s entry in March 2016

While it is unknown who the message is about, netizens remain convinced that it is clearly contradictory of the older sister’s claim that “Naeun was not in the position to bully anyone because she, too, was in a lot of pain at the time.” Some believe the entry is about Lee Hyunjoo, while others doubt the correlation.

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  • “I keep coming back to the ‘hope the person disappears from my sight’ part. That’s scary… I don’t know how anyone would wish that on another person, even if they are the worst of enemies.”
  • “This feels like a stretch though… We don’t know what kind of people Naeun was dealing with at the time… But I do agree that these diary entries have basically nothing to do with Lee Hyunjoo in general. Why share these? For what?”
  • “Man… I can’t imagine what Lee Hyunjoo must have went through or how tough it must have been for her. It looks like all this stress got channeled to her.”

Since Lee Hyunjoo personally spoke up about the allegation, APRIL members have continued to refute the former member in their own statements. As speculations about the team grow out of control, both Lee Hyunjoo and APRIL fans patiently wait for the final outcome of the investigations.

Meanwhile, the South Korean police has turned down to file the slander lawsuits from DSP Media.

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