APRIL Chaewon’s Mother Makes Statement About Her Daughter’s Bullying Accusations Made By Former Member Lee Hyunjoo

She stepped up to clarify.

APRIL Chaewon‘s mother has stepped up to make a statement about her daughter’s bully accusations as made by former member Lee Hyunjoo.

As many fans have continuously found discrepancies in the girls’ statements, Chaewon’s mother has stepped up to clarify. She first claims that the lawsuit against Hyunjoo’s acquaintances was not dropped as they were untrue.

Hello, I am the mother of APRIL member Kim Chaewon. I’ve raised my daughter in a loving way, but I am not a stingy mother who covers up for wrongdoings. First off, I would like to express my gratitude and apologies to the fans of Chaewon, who are worried about my daughter due to this controversy and are with us together during this difficult time. I thought about it a lot before posting in a public place like this. I don’t know if whether or not this is the right thing to do for my daughter, or if it will harm her more. But as a mother, I couldn’t just ‘be patient until the truth comes out’ in front of my daughter who is in pain and thinking about death. That’s why I am writing this, to tell you stories about Chaewon from her trainee days as well as the facts that I have seen and experienced. I do not know the positions of the other members clearly so I ask for your understanding about that. Before going into the main topic, the recent complaints filed by Hyunjoo’s acquaintances were dismissed, making it seem as if the contents were true. The reason for the dismissal was because that Hyunjoo’s acquaintances revealed what they heard through Hyunjoo, so it seems that the person concerned did not have any false awareness, and the decision to dismiss it was made because the police saw no purpose of slander. I hope there is no misunderstanding. Me and my daughter are like friends. We rely on each other and share our stories comfortably, so I am also aware of the process and facts of what is happening, so I am raising my voice in this way.

— Chaewon’s mother

A group for the mothers of the members to chat where everyone congratulated the mother of Hyunjoo for her birthday. | theqoo

Next, she explained that the statement Chaewon gave was not false and she had merely mistakenly written down the dates.

First, there was a controversy about Chaewon’s false statement. Chaewon posted two statements where there was an error in dates, which was actually an official broadcast. This was my daughter’s mistake for not careful reviewing the statement and hastily disclosing the date. But Chaewon did not create something that did not exist. At that time, my daughter said, ‘Fortunately we completed the live broadcast stage, but we were told that it was the first time a rookie that just debuted missed a rehearsal’, and this is something I remember her saying to me clearly. It was a very precious time for me too as I was looking forward to my daughter’s debut. I remember clearly not being able to perform on ‘Music Bank’ for the rest of promotions and Hyunjoo missing out on rehearsal. Chaewon is not a liar who tried to deceive with a false statement.

— Chaewon’s mother

She also explained the truth behind the cellphone issues as previously, fans had captured the girls using their personal devices despite claims that they had not been able to use them.

Secondly, I will speak regarding the cellphone issues.

I remember that all the members secretly used their own personal devices pre-debut behind the company’s back and they got confiscated around September. After that, as written in Chaewon’s statement, the members could not use personal cellphones and from some moment on, only Hyunjoo was allowed to use her personal cellphone freely and that is the truth that I know. As on Mnet’s reality A-IF-RIL, they only made phones to use during the show temporarily and they were confiscated after. This is also written in my daughter’s diaries. She has consistently written diaries (we lost this portion of it just before this and cannot locate it) and we will reveal a portion of her diaries.

— Chaewon’s mother

The highlighted portion of the diaries talks about Chaewon and Hyunjoo attending pilates together. | theqoo

The revealed diary highlights a line from 2017.

Today I was shocked when I realized Hyunjoo had signed up for the same pilates lessons as I did so I have to run into her every Thursday. She didn’t say hi first so I just decided to smile and do so. We do not have a good relationship but there is nothing good about being on bad terms so I hope to take this opportunity to be fine again.

— Chaewon

Lastly, she explained that Chaewon and Hyunjoo were close but Chaewon had struggled due to Hyunjoo’s constant running away.

Thirdly, there was the issue of Chaewon’s therapy records. Chaewon was especially close with Hyunjoo even pre-debut and they both shared many things with each other and relied on each other, hence, when Hyunjoo was unable to attend Music Bank rehearsals, she tried to understand Hyunjoo and comfort her although she herself was taken aback. Although APRIL fans will know this, even on camera, Hyunjoo relied on my daughter lots and that was true off camera too. Chaewon took care of Hyunjoo as her unnie and they got along well. But in the midst of that, Hyunjoo’s escaping of reality got more serious due to being sick and other reasons. As her rebellion got more serious, Chaewon was also getting sick of it and spoke about how she felt. Even so, I always told Chaewon to take care of Hyunjoo as she was the older one and Chaewon agreed. From that day on, she tried even harder to especially take care of Hyunjoo. But she had it hard due to Hyunjoo’s frequent escapes and harm to the team. This is all written in my daughter’s therapy records.

— Chaewon’s mother

Previously, APRIL had been accused of bullying by former member Lee Hyunjoo’s acquaintances. They have denied many accusations while the battle goes on.

Source: theqoo

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