Police Reveals Why They Rejected DSP Media’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Former April Member Hyunjoo’s Brother

The police judged that the incidents had not strayed too far from the truth.

Previously, it was reported that former APRIL member, Lee Hyunjoo‘s brother, was found not guilty of defamation. Initially, when DSP Media had filed lawsuits against her younger brother on the account of defamation and slander, the police had rejected the lawsuit. However, DSP Media soon filed an appeal and it was recently rejected once again.

Lee Hyunjoo’s legal representative had revealed, “On June 14, the police have made the decision not to appeal the contents from former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo’s brother’s posts written online on February 28 and March 3 as they were not recognized as defamation.”

However, according to an article by TenAsia, the police had revealed the reason for the rejection of the appeal. The contents of the post written by Hyunjoo’s brother detailed the following events.

  • Hyunjoo was allegedly outcasted by the APRIL members.
  • The members had laughed behind Hyunjoo’s mother’s back without greeting her when she had come to the agency.
  • Someone had placed rotten kimbap on Hyunjoo’s seat in the car and the members and the manager had been angry and cursed at Hyunjoo for the smell.
  • The plaintiff had put cheonggukjang in a tumbler bought by Hyunjoo’s grandmother.
  • Another member had worn Hyunjoo’s shoes and thrown them at her, telling her to take them.

According to the investigations carried out by the police, Lee Hyunjoo’s brother had no intention of defamation or slander writing the post and had only wanted to set things straight after seeing articles that Hyunjoo had chosen to leave the group.

As written by TenAsia, the police have also judged that the contents cannot be considered spread of false information as the contents including the sneakers and tumbler incident, how she had had a difficult time due to the group bullying and the details of her daily life as a group with the plaintiffs had not been far from the truth.

Through the article, it was inadvertently revealed that the plaintiffs who had filed the lawsuit had been living together with Hyunjoo as part of the group.

Previously, a netizen claiming to be former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo‘s younger brother shared a post online about the alleged team bullying that took place. The post was promptly denied by DSP Media as they announced they would be taking legal actions against Hyunjoo’s brother who is currently a minor. DSP Media has yet to speak on this development.

Source: TenAsia

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