Former APRIL Member Lee Hyunjoo’s Brother Found Not Guilty Regarding Defamation Charges

They find it difficult to believe he wrote it with malicious intent.

Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo’s brother, who was previously accused of writing posts stating that his sister was bullied by the other members, has received no charges according to the police.

Lee Hyunjoo’s legal representative revealed, “On June 14, the police have made the decision not to appeal the contents from former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo’s brother’s posts written online on February 28 and March 3 as they were not recognized as defamation.”

As a result of the investigation, the police judged that it was difficult to believe that her younger brother wrote the posts with malicious intent. After seeing articles about how Lee Hyunjoo’s departure caused damage to the group and that there were a series of incidents and not bullying, his intentions were to step up and correct the truth.

The legal representatives stated, “Lee Hyunjoo’s brother was notified of having no charges on June 20 and was able to confirm the specific reason for the dismissal on June 22 by applying for a copy of the notice. It also looks like DSP Media also received the notice about no charges before or after June 20.”

They continued, “There were a total of six people who accused Lee Hyunjoo’s brother, but the information regarding the six people are not included in the notice. We plan on filing additional claims to find out who the six people are.”

They added, “These six people made the complaint in order to receive legal judgement, and proceeded with the complaint process against a minor (Lee Hyunjoo’s brother), so we hope that they will make the necessary arguments within the procedure stipulated by law.”

Previously, a netizen claiming to be former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo‘s younger brother shared a post online about the alleged team bullying that took place. DSP Media immediately denied the points made in the post and claimed they have been nothing but supportive for the former member.

As the younger brother continued to speak and fight for Lee Hyunjoo on her behalf, the agency eventually announced that they will take legal action against the former member for “spreading false information.”

Source: tenasia

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