DSP Media Releases Additional Statement About Their Lawsuit Against Former APRIL Hyunjoo’s Brother

They deny all claims.

Previously, it was reported that former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo’s brother had been sued by DSP Media for a post he had written that detailed the alleged bullying incidents APRIL members were accused of committing. However, the lawsuit was rejected and various Korean media outlets published alleged information from the police about why the case was rejected.

According to TenAsia, the police have also judged that the contents cannot be considered spread of false information as the contents including the sneakers and tumbler incident, how she had had a difficult time due to the group bullying and the details of her daily life as a group with the plaintiffs had not been far from the truth. DSP Media has stepped up with an official statement.

They deny that it was an admission of the members’ actions and explain that the sole reason for the lawsuit to have been rejected was that Lee Hyunjoo’s brother had no intention to defame APRIL.

The statement can be read below.

A portion of media has reported that the investigators have admitted that the members’ had outcasted someone and it was published that the lawsuit against Lee Hyunjoo’s brother has not been accepted. This is different from the truth.

If we were to quote the reason for the rejection of the lawsuit verbatim, it would be that as there was no intention to slander or disseminate false information hence it was rejected.

It was never admitted that the members outcast someone and regarding the post that the accused (Hyunjoo’s brother) had written, the lawsuit was rejected as no intention of falsehoods could be detected.

We warn you against the spread of information different from the truth, without checking the facts.

— DSP Media

Source: Sports Chosun

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