Here Are All The Celebrities Who Attended The Ark Lee Suji’s Wedding

There was even some special performances.

Girl group The Ark debuted in 2015, only to disband just a year later. Since then, the members have gone down different paths. Rapper Euna and center Jeon Minju both debuted as a duo called KHAN in 2018 with the song “I’m Your Girl?” They later disbanded in 2020.

Euna moved away from the industry and moved back to the United States, where she married a non-celebrity.

| @euna102794/Instagram

Jeon Minju continues to work in the industry, uploading covers under the name Ur Sso.

Yujin has continued to work in the industry as well. She joined The Voice Korea, as well as Miss Back, and continues to appear on various music programs.

Yujin backstage. | @yujin_9.6/Instagram

Jane made her solo debut under the name jANE in 2022. She continues to work on music while attending school.

Last but not least, Suji was a member of Uni.T after participating in reboot survival program, The Unit. She announced her marriage to the actor Ko Hyoung Woo.

“98-Line” The Ark And Uni. T’s Lee Suji Announces Her Upcoming Marriage

The wedding took place on October 7, 2023. Many were there to congratulate the star. SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan offered to sing the customary congratulatory song for her.

The 98-line also went to congratulate her. We spot Ungjae, as well as VIVIZ‘s Umji and SinB.

Seungkwan and Ungjae. | @yellowblueday/Twitter

If you look carefully at the photo above, there’s even a table with the sign “Uni.T” on it, indicating that the Uni.T girls went to congratulate her too. Naturally, they had to sing her a song!

Umji and SinB did not perform, but they congratulated her with all their heart.

SinB and Umji. | @yellowblueday/Twitter

The most special guests out of all were the members of The Ark themselves. They reunited to sing Suji’s debut song, “Somebody 4 Life” with her.

The Ark’s importance in Suji’s life truly shone at her wedding. She also walked down the aisle at the end of the wedding to “Somebody 4 Life.” Her husband also adorably joined in with the dance!

Congratulations Suji and Ko Hyoung Woo!