ARMY Is Attempting To Break A Twitter Record In Honour Of BTS’s Grammy Appearance

Will ARMY break this massive record?

BTS is set to make history tonight when they present an award at the 61st annual Grammy Awards. They may even win one as their album Love Yourself: Tear has been nominated for “Best Recording Package”.

ARMY is obviously very very excited for their appearance and to celebrate they are trying to break the Twitter record for the most used hashtag in 24 hours with their hashtag, “#TearItUpBTS“.

The current record belongs to #AlDubEBTamangPanahon which is the collective term for a famous Filipino couple. That tweet earned over 40 million uses on the 24th of October, 2015.

The campaign is very well organised, it’s clear that ARMYs really want to make this happen.

It looks like ARMY are making very good progress on breaking the record.

Everyone is incredibly hyped for BTS’s appearance at the Grammys tonight and ARMY is eager to see if they can break a huge record.