“Who Hurt Him?” ARMYs Are Ready To “Face-Off” With BTS Jimin’s Toxic Muse

“Let’s have a talk.”

ARMYs are ready to fight on behalf of BTS‘s Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Jimin’s anticipated solo album FACE is finally out, so ARMYs have had a chance to listen to the entire discography. This includes Track #1 “Face-off.”

“Set Me Free Pt.2” was just the appetizer for Jimin’s sassy side. “Face-off” is a song about betrayal, coming from a hurt and angry perspective.

Naturally, when ARMYs listened to the song and read the lyrics, they were taken aback by the intense lyrics. This is one of the songs deemed unfit for broadcast, after all.

“Face-off” was co-written by Jimin, so ARMYs are naturally curious about the inspiration behind the song. Is there a toxic muse?

If that’s the case, ARMYs would like to have a word with the person in question. “Face-off” has ARMYs everywhere asking, “Who hurt him?”

“WHO HURT HIM” became a trending topic on Twitter as ARMYs listened to Jimin’s new album. Many ARMYs also included memes that communicated they were ready to fight anyone who hurt our Jimin, including the recent one of Jungkook with a knife from his Weverse Live.

RM was also a co-writer for “Face-off,” though. When he released his solo album Indigo, ARMYs expressed similar sentiments over lyrics from “Change pt.2.” Read more below.

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