ARMYs Are Ready To Go To War With BTS RM’s Ex After Release Of “Indigo” Album

“how you have joon’s heart… then break it?”

ARMYs are ready to go to war, fighting BTS RM‘s ex-significant other after the release of his solo album Indigo.


RM released his first official solo album Indigo on Friday, December 2, along with the music video for the title track, “Wild Flower (with Youjeen).” The full album contains a total of ten songs, telling his personal and sincere story of his changed tendencies, tastes, thoughts, and concerns.

ARMYs are not only listening to the album but paying careful attention to the lyrics. We always do, but RM also emphasized its importance this time.

The lyrics to “Change pt.2” especially have ARMYs talking as it left them shook. This is the sequel to his 2017 single “Change” with Wale.

The lyrics in “Change pt.2” seem to reflect on a failed relationship, and it 100% sounds like it’s coming from the perspective of someone with a broken heart.

I can’t believe I loved you once. Fool me once, then fool me twice. Shame on you, yeah, shame on me.

— BTS’s RM “Change pt.2”

The BTS members have seldom spoken about their personal relationships. RM even replied that the group wanted to focus on their careers when asked about dating in the past.

Yet, based on certain lyrics, it sounds like RM has definitely been in a relationship during his 20s. And ARMYs want to know who this alleged ex in question is because…

They want to have a word with them.

BTS’s fandom is not called ARMY for nothing. Hurting our leader means war!

So, ARMYs are ready to get vengeance and fight whoever broke RM’s heart.

While “Change pt.2” certainly reflects heartbreak, his song “Closer” is quite… romantic. We want to believe this meant RM was able to move on, but it’s the track before “Change. pt.2,” so it’s quite probable it’s from the times when he was happily in a relationship. Knowing RM formats albums thoughtfully like a story, that’s probably the case.

Even if you have never been in a relationship yourself, you can’t help but feel some sense of sympathy while listening to Indigo.

It’s guaranteed to get you in your feels!


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