BTS Fan Discovered Jin’s Drinking Habit And He Completely Agrees

Jin completely agrees with this observation!

BTS‘s Jin has many habits that ARMYs pick up on but one certain fan brought receipts to prove that Jin has a particular drinking habit!

On Weverse, one ARMY made a post saying, “Our oldest starts acting cute when he gets drunk ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ“, and the fan brought multiple GIFs to prove it!

In each of the GIFs, Jin pulled out his most adorable aegyo with the small courage of alcohol!

And Jin couldn’t help but leave a comment under the post. He completely agrees! He responded, “Cutie pie (aegyojaengi) Seokjjinni“.

But with aegyo powers like this, who would dare want anything else in a drinking partner?!