ARMYs Demand Answers After Spotify “Unfairly” Removes Songs From BTS’s “Spotify Wrapped” Results

Jungkook was named the most streamed K-Pop soloist before the alleged change.

ARMYs worldwide are requesting answers and clarification from Spotify after songs including “Left And Right” by Charlie Puth and Jungkook and “My Universe” by Coldplay and BTS were allegedly removed from the group’s streaming totals, leading to changes in their “Spotify Wrapped” results.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Music fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the release of Spotify’s “Spotify Wrapped,” a feature of the music app that allows fans to see trends in the music they listen to. “Spotify Wrapped” also gives users listener information about the genres they are interested in, including K-Pop.

Originally, BTS’s Jungkook was shared to have been the most streamed K-Pop artist on the app, with over 600 million streams across songs that he released or was featured on. He was also included in the “Top 10 K-Pop Artists” list in ninth place.

BTS’s Jungkook
| @chartdata/Twitter

BTS was also ranked number one on the “Top 10 K-Pop Artists” list as well as appearing in worldwide lists like “Top Groups of 2022” and “Top Tracks of 2022.”

The day after Spotify Wrapped was released, fans noticed that there were changes to the charts and the total number of streams that BTS had as a group and individually. First, Jungkook was no longer included in the “Top 10 K-Pop Artists” list,  and his streams significantly changed. A new most streamed K-Pop solo artist was also announced.

Upon closer inspection, ARMYs discovered that the streams for Jungkook’s collaboration song “Left and Right” were allegedly no longer included in his overall streams. “Left and Right” currently has over 400 million streams and makes up a large bulk of Jungkook’s individual artist streams.

In addition to this, fans also discovered that multiple collaboration songs were no longer included in BTS’s stream totals, including “Bad Decisions,” “Sexy Kukim,” “That That,” and “My Universe.” As a result, ARMYs trended several related topics on Twitter, including “JUNGKOOK MOST STREAMED SOLOIST,” “My Universe,” and “Left and Right.”

While BTS’s group rankings were not affected by this change, fans are demanding answers as to why certain songs’ streams are no longer being allegedly counted.

There’s been no response from Spotify as of yet.


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