ARMYs Are Dying At The Way Suga Unknowingly Addressed Bentley Hammington

If only Suga knew.

BTS‘s Suga recently appeared on a live broadcast for fans where he addressed two of the youngest known ARMYs — Sam Hammington‘s two sons, William and Bentley!

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During the broadcast, Suga was chatting with fans when he saw a comment about William and Bentley.

But Suga didn’t know who they were at first because he started off by mistaking them as cars.

What’s William Bentley? Is that a car name?

— Suga

Only later did Suga realize that they were from KBS‘s Superman Returns.

| @williamhammington/Instagram

And from the comments, Suga learned that they’re huge fans of BTS.

Is Sam Hammington’s son Bentley?

— Suga

| @samhammington/Instagram

But Suga must’ve thought Bentley was older than he is because he addressed him formally.

You must be an ARMY. I wish you happiness, Mr. Bentley.

— Suga

| @samhammington/Instagram

Perhaps Suga would’ve addressed Bentley with respect even if he knew his real age.

No one will ever know, but he’s so dang cute!

Source: Insight


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