ARMY Is Emotionally Comparing This Old BTS Tweet To Their Stadium Tour

They’ve come so far.

ARMY has dug up an old BTS tweet from 2014 that talks about one of their performances. BTS was just a year into their careers when this tweet came out and ARMY is getting very emotional about how far BTS has come.

BTS was offering 200 free seats to their concert. They were struggling to fill their venues so they were giving away free seats to try and get more people to come to watch them.

Compare this to the recently announced encore tour “Speak Yourself” of their “Love Yourself” world tour. Just a glance at the capacities of the stadiums they are performing in is enough to show you how far BTS has come. Wembley Stadium and the Rose Bowl both have a capacity of 90,000.

It’s incredible that in the space of 5 years, BTS went from giving out free tickets to potentially selling out the biggest stadiums in the world. It’s an incredible time to be an ARMY.



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