A Viral Photo Of BTS’s Suga Has ARMYs Running To Instagram To Check The Facts

An ARMY fooled everyone…

An ARMY had the entire fandom double-checking the internet after they posted a photo allegedly of BTS‘s Suga

BTS’s Suga | GQ & Vogue

Recently, eagle-eyed ARMY spotted something in Suga’s camera roll. He posted a screenshot from his camera roll in which he recorded Jungkook‘s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 opening ceremony performance on his Instagram Stories.

Looking closely, ARMYs were shocked to find that our “Lil Meow Meow” Suga appears to have several pictures of an adorable black cat on his phone.

Additional detective ARMYs noticed he had a small scratch on his hand during the latest Run BTS! episode. So, it totally seems like he really is a cat dad now.

Excited ARMYs have imagined what Suga and his cat are like together…

Everyone has been hoping for an official reveal. When will he drop those pics?

Some have even taken it into their own hands by making amazing fanart featuring Suga and the cat in question.

And some took it to another level…

ARMY aaliyah (@taes4lifer on Twitter) shared on Twitter that Suga had “posted his cat.” She posted what appeared to be a screenshot of Suga’s Instagram post that included a black-and-white photo of himself holding a cat.

The tweet went viral with 61K likes at the time of writing. ARMYs were hoping that we finally got the anticipated photo of Suga with his cat, but when some checked on Instagram, they discovered the truth…

It was only an edit, and the ARMY played their own fandom.

So, when ARMYs realized they had been fooled, they expressed their disapproval in the comment section…


Maybe V was right all along…

So, we continue to wait for Suga to share the real photos.

Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Spot Something Completely Unexpected In BTS Suga’s Camera Roll As He Shows His Support For Jungkook’s FIFA World Cup Performance

Source: taes4lifer

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