Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Spot Something Completely Unexpected In BTS Suga’s Camera Roll As He Shows His Support For Jungkook’s FIFA World Cup Performance

“Yoongi’s so secretive these days…”

BTS‘s Suga and his members all showed their wholesome support for Jungkook‘s FIFA World Cup opening act. But looking closely at one of Suga’s Instagram stories, eagle-eyed ARMYs have spotted something hilariously unexpected.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Jungkook made ARMYs more than proud with his history-making act at the World Cup opening ceremony. Even when faced with technical difficulties, he showed his insane talent and true professionalism by delivering a flawless performance.

Jungkook at the World Cup opening ceremony | @fifaworldcup/Instagram

It seems like no one was more proud of Jungkook than his members, however. They all took to social media to show that they were watching the ceremony, sharing encouraging messages for their maknae.

RM’s Instagram story
V’s Instagram story

One of Suga’s uploads caught ARMYs’ attention for two reasons. One was because the screenshot showed that he had seemingly recorded Jungkook’s performance on his phone…

…and the other was because of the images that appeared on his camera roll. Looking closely, fans were shocked to find that Suga appears to have several pictures of a black cat on his phone.

And not just any cat; ARMYs immediately noticed that the cat was lying on what looks like one of Suga’s sweatshirts (which he previously wore in a live stream), suggesting it might just be his and that, in fact, he may have been cuddling the cat in those pictures.

Naturally, the idea of it left ARMYs clearly not okay.

Especially because it was an unexpected plot twist in an already exciting day.

Seeing as Suga already has a well-loved dog named Holly, ARMYs couldn’t help hilariously speculating what “their dynamic” was like now with the addition of the cat…

…and about what other “secrets” Suga may be hiding.

Ultimately, everyone enjoyed Suga’s apparent accidental “self-exposure” of him and his cat…

…which is why he is now being called on to drop the much-needed pics.

While it’s not certain whether Suga meant to reveal the images of the cat to the world (or if it’s even his), it’s certainly the most wholesome turn of events!


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