BTS Can’t Stop Showing Their Support For Member Jungkook’s Legendary World Cup Performance

BTS made sure to support Jungkook, even when they’re in Korea!

On November 20, BTS‘s Jungkook made headlines after he performed his track “Dreamers” at the World Cup.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

On November 20, it was finally time. Even hours before the performance, ARMYs worldwide couldn’t hide their excitement, and as time got nearer, social media was flooded with tweets and trends related to Jungkook’s performance.

As expected, it wasn’t just ARMYs anticipating the performance as the members of BTS showed their own support on social media for their youngest member.

J-Hope was the first to post, sharing a video of him watching the ceremony before it started and the adverts.

He later posted a clip on Weverse and, as Jungkook appeared on the screen, the idol shouted, “JAYKAAYY,” showcasing just how excited he was for the performance.

| Weverse

Suga was the next one, and he posted a picture of himself watching the ceremony with the caption, “LET’S GO JAYKAYYYYYYYY!”

Even after a long flight from Paris, V made sure to show he was watching and that he wasn’t alone. ARMYs loved the fact that V’s dog Yeontan was also watching along with the idol.

Many also believed that after seeing J-Hope and RM‘s Instagram stories, they were both watching the opening ceremony together. In particular, RM’s recent post seemed to match the background of both J-Hope’s Weverse and Instagram posts.

The idol then confirmed he was also watching the opening ceremony by sharing a picture of the event on his television.

Of course, Jungkook absolutely slayed the performance, gaining praise for his immense talent, visuals, and charisma on such a huge stage and global audience.

When the performance happened, the members were all watching along and sharing their thoughts with ARMYs. Suga shared a closeup shot of Jungkook and, after the performance, shared his well he’s done and how it’s all because of his experience.

And Jimin shared that he was watching the show with the caption, “So cool.”

| Weverse

RM also shared a video of the performance with several fire emojis to show how much he enjoyed watching Jungkook. J-Hope also shared a video with the caption, “Goosebumps.”

As expected, the members of BTS are their bigger supporters, and it isn’t surprising that they made sure to watch Jungkook on one of the biggest performances of his life.

You can read more about the performance below.

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