ARMY Recounts Meeting BTS’s RM In Spain, Revealing What He Is Really Like IRL

Their interaction showed his true personality!

An ARMY recently ran into BTS‘s RM and shared their interaction with him.


RM recently traveled internationally for 2023 Milan Fashion Week.

Afterward, he enjoyed time in Barcelona, Spain, with his family. RM recently shared some moments from his trip on Instagram.

During his time there, a lucky ARMY (@mariaOT7otpmet him and has now posted their story via Twitter.

The ARMY shared that they and a friend saw him at a subway station entrance in Barcelona. RM was kind enough to stop and talk with them.

now that namjoon has finally published his own pics I can finally say that I met him (a friend and I) at the entrance of a metro (subway) station in Barcelona 🥰 he was on holidays in Spain after the MFW and the BV show and we had to opportunity to meet him and talk with him

— @mariaOT7otp/Twitter 

As expected, RM was nice, as always, to the ARMY. He conversed with them and even autographed a used metro ticket.

he was so warm and polite and nice, he signed a used ticket for us and after us asking said that they were super good and were eating well 💗

funnily he made fun of us for having the same name 🥴

— @mariaOT7otp/Twitter 

|  @mariaOT7otp/Twitter 

The ARMY included some additional observations. Although RM always appeared very tall (the tallest of BTS), the ARMY said he seemed much smaller IRL.

also… he’s not as tall 🥺  he gives off small energy and I am almost as tall as him 💗  I at first didn’t believe I was seeing him for real bc of the seeming impossibility but after had a super blurry afternoon and I know that I will cherish this experience forever 💝

— @mariaOT7otp/Twitter 

While it’s no surprise that BTS’s RM has a reputation for being very nice, it’s always great to hear stories that prove that our idols are truly kind people in real life!

Source: mariaOT7otp

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