7 Best Memes Of ARMYs Being Sick Of BIGHIT MUSIC Saying “Hello” To Them

Memes always make the pain go away.

BIGHIT MUSIC recently released an official statement regarding BTS Jin‘s upcoming military enlistment. Although ARMYs knew the announcement was coming, they couldn’t help but still feel sad. Many fans turned to memes on Twitter to cope with their heartache. Here are the best ones to help make the pain go away.

1. Drinking With Suga

Alcohol seems like a great idea right now.

2. Jungkook’s Bangs

Being BTS’s maknae (the Korean word for the youngest in a group), Jungkook might feel especially sad about his eldest hyung (the Korean word men use to refer to older men) going to the military.

3. Enough Is Enough

They seriously need to stop.

4. Screaming, Crying, Throwing Up

It’s impossible to be too dramatic.

5. All The Emotions

There are just too many things to feel at once.

6. “F*ck!”

RM said it best.

7. There’s More?

What do you mean this is going to happen 6 more times?

Many ARMYs also made sure to let Jin know that no matter how long it took, they would be waiting for him!


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