An ARMY Mom Drew BTS J-Hope’s Dog Mickey And It Was So Beautiful That Even J-Hope Wanted It

The way to J-Hope’s heart is through his beloved dog!

BTS‘s J-Hope loves his pet dog, Mickey, a lot. Even when they’re not together, he thinks about him all of the time.

BTS’s J-Hope with Mickey

He even calls him when there’s important news! Like when BTS found out about their GRAMMY nomination, the first one J-Hope thought to call to tell the news was Mickey! He also finds any excuse to mention the lovable dog in interviews.

We can’t blame him! This Shih Tzu is so adorable.

We’re not the only ones who love Mickey either. An ARMY on Weverse revealed that even their mom is a fan of BTS’s furry friend! Their mom had drawn a portrait of Mickey and did an absolutely amazing job.

Hobi, hobi~ My mom drew Mickey 🥺


| Weverse
| Weverse 

J-Hope was so impressed by the skills; he said that the mom has a “golden hand,” meaning they’re very talented! He loved it so much that he even politely asked if they wouldn’t mind gifting it to him.

Whoa… So talented! Can I have it please…? T-T

— J-Hope

| Weverse

The ARMY responded, saying they’d love to give it to him as a gift! If they can send it to J-Hope, we know he would be forever grateful! The art is beautiful and would mean so much to the loving father to have a portrait of his Mickey to cherish forever.

| Weverse
Source: Weverse