J-Hope Reveals He Talked With His Dog About Their GRAMMY Nomination, Here’s How BTS Reacted

J-Hope loves Mickey dearly!

BTS‘s J-Hope loves his dog Mickey dearly, and his love for him was on full display in a recent interview.

BTS’s J-Hope and Mickey | @BTS_twt/Twitter

In a recent interview with the GRAMMYs, the members were asked who they called first when they found out about their 2021 GRAMMY nomination. All the members said that they called their families first.

| GRAMMYs/YouTube

J-Hope then said something that got him teased a little by the members.

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope said he also spoke with Mickey about their GRAMMY nomination. After J-Hope said this, the members laughed.

| GRAMMYs/YouTube

The members then teased J-Hope and jokingly imitated the conversation.

| GRAMMYs/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!