Here’s How ARMYs Are Reacting To Big Hit’s New Upcoming Boy Group

“This year is going to be a big hit year.”

Big Hit Entertainment recently hinted at the debut of their newest boy group and according to fans’ speculations, the group name is TXT and they will be debuting really soon!

BigHit’s New Rookie Group, TXT, Is “Coming Soon”


While nothing has yet been confirmed by the agency, fans have uncovered various pieces of “evidence” about this new group:

Here’s Everything BTS Fans Have Uncovered About BigHit’s New Boy Group


Meanwhile, fans have been showing various reactions to this exciting news with many expressing their excitement for Big Hit’s new “big hit”!

“A new group…A rookie is debuting from Big Hit too!”


On the other hand, some ARMYs have been worrying that the new group may be compared to BTS and have been asking reporters and other fans to respect each group (if in fact, the teasers are for a new group) for their own identity.

“Dear reporters, I ask you. Please do not write articles calling Big Hit’s new group the 2nd BTS when the come out.”


Other ARMYs have been pleading with Big Hit Entertainment to make sure the concepts of the two groups do not overlap in any way.

“To Big Hit Entertainment:
1. Please do not mix their worldviews
2. Please refrain from using terms like the 2nd BTS. (We ask the same to reporters)
3. You will probably do a good job. Although you’ll pay much attention to the new group, please continue to pay attention to BTS as well.
4. That’s all…”

“Listen here Big Hit…You can’t mix the worldviews. You know, right? You can’t connect them either, okay?”

“We won’t forgive you, Big Hit, if you mix the new group’s worldview with ours.”


Despite the various reaction fans have been showing, however, it seems safe to say that everyone is dying to know exactly what Big Hit has been hinting at. Stay tuned!