ARMY Can’t Handle The New Footage of BTS’s V And RM Working Out


The first “BE Log” of BTS‘s scheduled lineup has been released today with V‘s. The video began with a behind-the-scenes clip of V working on his song “Snow Flower.”


While fans were impressed with his raw and unfiltered vocals, it was the clips of his workout featuring RM that generated a mass reaction from everyone.


RM has been talking a lot about working out in the past year. He has emphasized that he is trying to keep the overall physical changes minimal and that the purpose for working out so much is just so he can dance better.

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While RM says he’s trying to make sure the change of appearance is not too drastic, fans have recognized the contrast from before and after the workouts. It appears RM isn’t the only one with an interest in exercise lately. The ARMY has noticed a difference in not just RM but V as well.

V’s arms have noticeably gotten bigger with each BTS promotion. While fans are happy that BTS are taking more time to focus on their health, a lot are also overwhelmed by the results.

Since the release of V’s “BE Log,” fans have been trending “IM NOT OKAY” and “CLOSE THE GYMS.” Popular hashtags alongside the trending topics are “#VLog” and “#filmed_by_V.”

Considering the substantial physical changes of the members, fans are wondering if RM and V will only continue to get more muscular. ARMY have jokingly proposed that Big Hit Entertainment should “close the gym” before we find out.

We’re not complaining about the frequent use of Big Hit Entertainment’s gyms here. 😏 Keep it up, BTS!

You can watch the full video below:

Source: BANGTANTV and @HoneyJoonie94


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