BTS’s RM Reveals Why He Started Working Out And How His Body Has Changed

From pumping iron to dieting, here’s his gym routine.

BTS‘s RM has been hitting the gym, and fans have definitely noticed. In fact, his bulked-up physique inspired a “Personal Trainer RM” meme!

In RM’s first live broadcast of 2021, he talked about his workout routine, physical changes, and the results ARMYs can expect to see in the future. Although RM has been working out four to five times a week for six months, he says fans don’t have to worry about him getting too buff.

Despite what the “Personal Trainer” memes suggest, RM says his physical changes aren’t “dramatic”. He is exercising to improve his onstage performances, specifically his dancing. “I want to be able to dance more powerfully,” he said. “That’s why I started.” 

In addition to working out, RM tried a “carb cycling diet” for about a month, but found it too difficult to maintain. It consisted of chicken breast salads and sweet potatoes.

RM also emphasized the importance of pilates, for improving posture, and circuit training.

All that hard work has paid off! RM went from being able to do one or two pull-ups last July to doing 20 now. This is impressive, considering that pull-ups require you to use your upper body strength to lift up your entire body weight!

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