ARMY Remain Convinced That BTS’s Jungkook Has Dyed His Hair Purple

Here’s the evidence so far…

It’s comeback season which means ARMY has become increasingly suspicious of BTS‘s hair colors.

While Jungkook has not officially showcased a new hairstyle by confirming via a social media post, he recently appeared on Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Virgil Abloh‘s Instagram story. Being that it was an extremely wide shot of the group, it was very poor quality, but it appeared to many fans that Jungkook had purple hair.

| @virgilabloh/Instagram

RM recently confirmed that he had bleached his hair blonde again with a post on Twitter. ARMYs noticed a little purple spot in the photo’s background and zoomed in to see if it was indeed a purple-haired Jungkook.

There’s not a lot of evidence, especially high-quality photos to prove anything. Nonetheless, it’s enough for ARMY to remain convinced that Jungkook has returned to purple hair.

Here’s hoping Jungkook posts soon so we can confirm once and for all. We truly hope this is the return of his purple hair!

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