Here’s Why Some ARMYs Think BTS Might Collab With Elton John

BTS and Elton John sharing a stage would be a dream come true!

BTS has had plenty of great collabs with artists like HalseyNicki MinajLauv, and Ed Sheeran. Now, some ARMYs think a collab with Elton John may be next!

| taee/Tumblr

In BTS’s latest single, “Permission to Dance,” RM sings “When it all seems like it’s wrong, just sing along to Elton John.” 

Elton John quickly took notice of BTS’s shoutout in their song, tweeted about “Permission to Dance,” and followed the group on Twitter. BTS retweeted Elton John’s tweet.

Elton John followed both of BTS’s official Twitter accounts, which makes BTS one of only two groups he follows on Twitter.

PNAU, an Australian dance music trio, is the only other group Elton John follows on Twitter. He previously collaborated with PNAU in 2012 and has another collaboration with the Australian group in the works.

BTS in the “Permission to Dance” music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Because Elton John only follows a group he worked with in the past and BTS, some ARMYs are speculating that he may be planning to collab with BTS.

Whether BTS and Elton John have a surprise for fans in the works or not, we loved seeing these legends supporting each other!

Source: Image (1) and (2), The Things and NME