ARMY Think These Tweets Mean There Will Be More European BTS Dates

There may still be hope for European ARMYs.

It was a day of elation and disappointment for European ARMYs as they battled it out over the limited number of tickets for BTS’s Wembley and Stade de France concerts. With a reported 250,000 people in the queue trying to get between 70,000-80,000 for Wembley it’s safe to say that a lot of ARMYs missed out.

There may still be hope for those upset ARMYs, however. LiveNation UK, one of the official sellers of the tickets has released a tweet which has given ARMYs hope.

The tweet says “stay tuned” and says something is going to be announced tomorrow at 9am GMT. The “Live Nation France” account posted a similar tweet.

There is five days between BTS’s London concert and their Paris concert so many ARMYs believe they could be announcing additional dates in both London and Paris.