ARMYs Are Awestruck To Discover That “Yet To Come” In The SEOM Version Was Fully Handmade

Every Big Hit Music project is a work of art.

A month ago, BTS‘s official YouTube channel BANGTANTV uploaded an animated version of the “Yet To Come” music video, starring the characters of each BTS member as portrayed in their new game BTS: In The SEOM. While ARMYs already loved the video for how heartbreakingly cute it was, a new behind-the-scenes video has made them appreciate it even more.

The making video revealed that each frame of the stop-motion music video was hand-curated from scratch. So, from the BTS In The Seom characters,

to the several landscapes featured in the shots,

everything was handmade by a team of creatives.

The creators had to alter the facial features of each character in between shots. For this, they sketched out several facial expressions and printed them out to stick onto the BTS character dolls they were using for the music video.

Since each sequence from the 3 minutes and 27 seconds long video was set up manually, one can only imagine the insane amount of hours it must have taken to get the job done.

Fans are in awe of the passion and dedication of the creatives behind this video. The making clips proved that BTS’s creative teams are as hard-working as the group itself!

You can watch the full making video here: