ARMYs Believe BTS’s RM Left Them A Hidden Message In His Recent Instagram Post, Here’s Why

Leave it to the leader to take care of fragile situations.

On October 17, KST, Big Hit Music posted a notice stating that BTS have decided to enlist in the military for their mandatory service, starting with Jin this year. While fans were trying to get through the emotionally volatile situation through humor, RM‘s Instagram post added a comforting touch to the whole ordeal.

RM uploaded multiple pictures from his visit to a Kim Whanki exhibit at the S2A Gallery in Gangnam, with a simple caption that read, “Whanki.” Whanki is an artist he has adored for a long time now. The photos themselves were pretty usual of RM’s Instagram aesthetic, but when ARMYs looked up the background of the artwork he had posted, they started deciphering a deeper meaning of the post.

Whanki exhibit installation at Gallery Hyundai |
Whanki exhibit installation at Gallery Hyundai |

The paintings featured on RM’s post are all from a series called Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again? The series is named after a Korean poem, “In The Evening,” by Kim Gwang Seop, that talks about an intense longing between two entities.

Among a multitude of stars

One stares down at me.

Among a multitude of people

I stare up at that one star.

As the night grows deeper it fades into brightness

And I disappear into darkness.

Where, when, as what will the two of us

you, one so warm, & me, one so tender,

meet again?

—Kim Gwang Seop

The fact that RM chose to make the post after the announcement of their enlistment hardly seemed like a coincidence to fans.

One specific picture especially stood out to ARMYs, where RM is seen posing in front of Whanki’s milestone work, titled “Universe.” The painting was created out of the artist’s longing for his homeland and its people after he had moved to New York.

The overall mood of his post seemed to convey a deliberate message to his fans, to the people he values so much as his own. The very fact that ARMYs went the extra mile to look up the artworks and try to decipher what he was probably trying to tell them only proves how successful BTS have been in establishing a solid connection with their fans—to a point where words are hardly needed for communication.

Source: Gallery Hyundai


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