Epik High’s Tablo Becomes A Superhero At Streaming BTS’s “Permission To Dance” After Being Coached By ARMYs

Not all heroes wear capes.

Epik High and BTS have one of the best friendships in K-Pop. They continually inspire each other and support one another.

Epik High with BTS’s Suga | @blobyblo/Instagram

With BTS’s newest release, “Permission to Dance,” Epik High’s Tablo has, along with the rest of ARMY, expressed his love for the song and is doing his best to support the group by streaming.

Despite his good intentions, fans, with the best interest at heart, offered some beneficial advice when streaming. They pointed out that having a song on repeat actually gets the streams filtered. As a result, they don’t count.

Tablo, in good nature, responded with a Marvel reference, being the fanboy he is, comparing himself to Steve Rogers (also known as Captain America). This refers to Steve having been frozen for seventy years only to be then revived in the 21st-century; therefore often doesn’t always understand modern technology and references.

Steve Rogers (Captain America) | Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

After reading up on streaming through other ARMYs comments, he learned the importance of streaming with at least 2-3 songs in between each listen. He also asked for ARMYs to teach Epik High fans the proper ways of streaming too. 😂 You can’t blame a guy!

After learning a new skill, he posted an updated screenshot of his streaming, showing that the looping button was no longer selected. Of course, he kept the Steve Rogers references coming by adding a photo of Cap in a fighting pose with his iconic quote, “I can do this all day,” for a caption.

ARMYs sent their love to him and thanked him for now becoming a master streamer. He gave another response, saying, “Unfortunately I am Steve Rogers before the serum.” 

We don’t know about that, Tablo! We think you’re pretty super. 😉

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