ARMYs Are Convinced That BTS RM’s Dog Is A Harvard Graduate

What a distinguished little gentleman!

When it comes to hilarious fan theories, nothing can beat BTS ARMYs. From ‘BTS Werewolf’ jokes to purple memes, the niche humor of the fandom can make your Twitter feed amusing. Among the many running jokes in the fandom, the one that is currently resurfacing is the claim that RM‘s dog Rapmonie (or, as many call him, Monie) is actually a Harvard graduate…or a professor.

ARMYs have often joked that BTS’s pets frequently look very humane in pictures. This discourse gave birth to the theory that Monie looks like a distinguished university graduate who probably speaks in a very polished tongue.

The reason why this joke has resurfaced is none other than Monie’s hyung RM himself. In the recent RUN BTS episode, RM revealed that Monie doesn’t greet him that enthusiastically when he goes home.

| BTS/Vlive

This revelation brought back the theories that Monie is probably too busy being an academic to greet RM like an average dog.

That just set the wheels rolling for more imaginary scenarios coming through, each one more hilarious than the last.

Well, all we need now is for RM to actually get on with these jokes. He already dressed up Monie in a Squid Game costume once. Shouldn’t be a problem to put him in a double-breasted coat with some glasses to give him the elite makeover he deserves.

| @rkive/Instagram