ARMYs Demand Answers From The Black Label For BTS’s Jimin Not Being Credited For “Vibe”

And it’s on multiple music platforms.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang and BTS‘s Jimin recently dropped their much-anticipated collaboration single, “Vibe.” This marked Taeyang’s comeback as a soloist after six years, as well as Jimin’s first solo venture since BTS announced that they will be taking a temporary break from making music as a collective.

Within the first 24 hours of the song’s release, fans drove it up to the top of the iTunes charts in several countries. Both the music video and the track received rave reception across other streaming platforms as well.

But amidst celebrating the banger, ARMYs noticed a few technical issues on multiple streaming platforms. First, there appear to be two different versions of the song on Spotify, one where both Taeyang and Jimin are credited and one where only Taeyang is credited. The version where both artists are credited is distributed by Interscope Records, whereas the latter version is distributed by YG Plus.

Second, Jimin also seems to be absent from the song credits on Melon, the largest music streaming platform in South Korea.

And lastly, fans noted that the song wasn’t available in multiple countries across the globe.

These issues, ARMYs noted, have occurred with other BTS members too. J-Hope and RM also don’t appear in the main credits under the singles “Rush Hour” and “Sexy Nukim” on Spotify, respectively, though they are credited as performers. However, when BTS featured other artists in their songs, their names were present in the main credits. This problem also didn’t occur with Jungkook‘s feature on “Left & Right” with Charlie Puth.

Megan Thee Stallion credited on the main page of “Butter Remix” | Spotify
Jungkook credited on the main page of “Left and Right” | Spotify
RM credited on the main page of “Old Town Road” remix | Spotify
J-Hope is not credited on the main page of “Rush Hour” | Spotify
RM is not credited on the main page of “SEXY NUKIM” | Spotify

In the case of Spotify, the platform displays artists’ names on the song’s page as per the metadata sent by the distributors. The metadata format might differ across companies, which might explain why BTS members don’t appear on the song’s main credits when they are the featuring artists versus why other artists do appear on the main credits when they feature on a BTS track.

| Spotify


The difference between being credited on the main page vs. not being credited. “Old Town Road” remix appears under “Singles and EPs” on RM’s artist profile, whereas “Vibe” is under “Appears On” on Jimin’s profile | Spotify

The rest of the issues, however, still remain a mystery, as THE BLACK LABEL is yet to respond to fans.